Saturday, August 16, 2008

Into the Game: About this Blog

After months of thinking about blogging, reading about blogging, and dipping my toes into the blogging world, I'm finally ready to give this a try. I think. Coming off the technology sidelines into the game is a bit scary.

Exciting, too. I've always want to share thoughts on reading and writing and language and here's a forum. Wahoo! I'm envisioning posts from etymology to book reviews to general family matters; I'd like to bring in guest bloggers to mix things up a bit.

My hope for this blog is that the content will be thought-provoking, fun, and worth discovery. Maybe a mom will read a post or something off a list that will serve as fodder for a dinner-time discussion; maybe a child will try a book off the list or find a new tongue-twister. Maybe a grandma will find a link that will help a grandchild with a report.

I hope! So if you visit here, please let me know what you think, what could be improved, what you'd like to see--and tell your friends.

See you later!