Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet *clean* Romance

The Blog:
There's nothing I dislike more than immersing myself in a new book, throwing myself into the plot, identifying with the characters...and then getting brought up short by unexpected sleazy material. February's blog will focus on different aspects of love, but as far as the romantic type...check out some of the authors and their websites below. Guaranteed fun reads, squeaky clean.

The Links:

Try these!!

Midieval romance by Joyce DiPastena:

Rachel Rager's CleanRomance4You:

Sarah M. Eden's historical romance:

Or Liz Adair's romantic Mist of Quarry Harbor:

Or a List for the Library:
Kerry Blair
Barbara Cartland (fun but formulaic (: )
Janet Cox
Betsy Brannon Green
Dee Henderson
Dorothy Keddington
Lori Wick

The Etymology: Expressions of Love
Etymonline has a fun timeline of love idioms, like
love (beloved person): 1225
love-letter: 1240
love song: 1310
fall in love: 1423
in love with: 1508
lovelorn: 1634
love-hate: 1937 (psychological jargon)
For more, go to


Angela said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm with you, nothing's worse than not getting to finish a book because it's full of garbage.

La Mujer Loca said...

Like your list. I recognize a few:D

ANWA chick-Steph Anderson

Rachel Rossano said...

I woulder my books as options as well. They are clean romances with a fantasy historical feel. No magic, but not of this world. ( I am going to look up some of the others of this list for myself. :)